Tuesday 19 June 2012

Superhero Challenge - DC Villain

Hello everyone :)
Today I have the next post of the Superhero Challenge! For this post I had to pick a DC Villain, I've really been struggling with this one since last week. I'd pick someone then realize I couldn't come up with a good design for them so I'd change my mind several times :P Today I finally settled on a character...
This is White Rabbit. She's one of the new 52 DC Villains and you can read more about her here - http://www.ugo.com/the-goods/dc-new-52-villains
I chose her as I love her costume (pink! and a bunny!) And I knew I'd be able to do a design for her that would look good :) So here are my nails...
These nails are again inspired by White Rabbits costume. 
Fore finger: Her ears and hair (the hair is awful! I apologize)
Middle finger: her mask
Ring finger: her corset
Little finger: her shorts and tail
For the base of my nails I used OPI Play The Peonies. A beautiful pale pink that I don't use often. However, when I do I always think why don't I use this..It's gorgeous! I used Jesses Girl Cupcake Frosting as the base on my little finger, this pink is also gorgeous and it's the first time I've used it. I then used OPI Alpine Snow for all the white and my Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black for the lines. 
Overall, I'm pleased with how these came out but if I'd found a character sooner I would have planned better, therefore they would have turned out better :P But I like them anyway :P While I was waiting for them to dry a girl knocked on the front door and she asked me what they were so I spent a while explaining them to her, she really liked them :) That made my day a little bit, I love talking about nails to people :P

Have you ever heard of the White Rabbit? Who's your favourite DC Villain? Let me know in the comments :)
Keep an eye out for a new challenge I'm starting tomorrow too!
Thanks for reading :)

Also, check out the other girls who are taking part in this challenge along with me to create the Super Six!
Debbie at The Crumpet


  1. This is great and someone i haven't heard of!

  2. I love this and again another unique villain, I love the colours and the art you have done :D

    1. Wow! Thank you :) I really like finding out about new characters to share with you guys :)

  3. OMG this is so cute and different, I love it! How can she be a villain when she's so cwute :) xx

    1. That's exactly what I thought too! :P Thanks :)



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