Monday 11 June 2012

Updated Stash Pictures!

Hello everyone :)
Today I have a relatively short post for you as I'm starting a new challenge with some amazing ladies tomorrow!! So keep an eye out for that because it's going to be amazing! Anyway, for today's post I thought I'd show you some updated stash pictures as I've had my helmer for a while now so my organization is better :P And I've acquired a lot of polish since the last stash post I did :P So here's my stash...
Here's my helmer! I keep it inside my wardrobe as my room is only small and I share it with my 2 year old son. Therefore, I hide it away as he calls my polish "Mummy's sparklies" and I have nightmares that he'll get hold of my bottles and they'll all get smashed, so it's hidden out of his way :P
So this is my first drawer, my collection of OPI takes over most of this drawer :P Followed by Models Own, Nail Inc, Accessorize, Essence Twins and some random Wet N Wild's.
My second drawer holds my China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Finger Paints, Revlon, Sally Hansen, NOPI, Rimell and other polishes that I only have one or two of.
My third drawer holds my Collecion 2000, Essie, Zoya, Jesses Girl, Barry M, Color Club, Frankens/Indies and random polishes that don't fit anywhere else :P

I have two other drawers in my Helmer dedicated to holding my brushes, nail art things, stamping plates and treatments. I also have more polish on the way... :/ I think I have a problem... :P

Be sure to check out my new challenge post tomorrow!
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. I really love posts like these!!! :D
    Gorgeous collection!!
    Aww, "Mummy's Sparklies" SO CUTE!! XD

    1. I love seeing stash posts too, they're so interesting! Thank you :) Haha, yeah :)

  2. I really wish that all polish companies would have their names on the top of the bottle as it would be so much easier to see which polish you want to pink out! Nice post hun, I love seeing everyone elses stash. I must say though, it makes mine look tiny lol x :-)

    1. I wish they would to, I have lots of polish that have similar bottles and I can never find what I want :P I love stash pics too they're really interesting, I like to see how others organize :)



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