Thursday 17 October 2013

Elegant Touch Polished Nude Review

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since I posted anything on the blog but just recently I decided I should spend time getting back into blogging! 
So for my return I'm going to review a product that I recently received.
The product in question is Elegant Touchs Polished range of nails in nude 319. 
The packaging is simple and allows you to view the shade and length of the nails before purchasing.
Upon opening the box, you see all of the things that Elegant Touch include.
Within each box you get 24 nails in varying sizes, a mini nail file, the adhesive tabs and an instruction leaflet. The instructions are very easy to follow and the whole application process, from choosing the nails to finish took me around 15 minutes.
The good points about these nails are that they have uv technology so the nails don't scratch or chip and they're very shiny and pretty. The nails claim to last for 7 days, so I'll write a separate post in a week to let you all know how they hold up.
Overall, I'm very impressed with this product and will use these nails again in the future. They have a wide range of products and with how quick and easy the application process is I can't find one thing wrong with this product.

Have you tried any of the Elegant Touch range if nails? If so leave me a comment :)

Charlotte <3

Wednesday 26 June 2013

International Nail League - Week 1

Hello everyone!
Todays post is the start of a new feature on my blog - International Nail Friends!
This feature will showcase a host of nail bloggers and let you get to know them all a little bit better, and also give you a chance to follow some new blogs run by lovely people.
So on with week 1....

Name - Vedrana
Facebook Link -
What country are you from? - Serbia

Background  information about yourself - I’m what in my country is known as an eternal student. I study Turkish language and literature. When I’m not blogging or studying I make beadwoven jewellery and collect rocks and minerals. My favourite labradorite can be seen in several photos on my blog.

What got you interested in nails/nail art? I used to bite my nails till I was 10-11 years old and I actually stopped biting them in order to have something I could paint. Some years ago I completely neglected my nails and got back in the nail polish game after I discovered a nail polish lovers’ community at the first and largest Serbian forum for women. The members’ photos and discussions motivated me to start caring about my nails again.

Why did you decide to start a nail blog? At first I wanted to keep a record of my experiences with the polishes I tried because I tend to forget why I liked/disliked something and afterwards I realized I could 
actually help people with my pics and reviews and that I can showcase local brands to international audience.

Favourite nail post of yours It is hard for me to pick one now that I have written nearly 300 posts. My first splatter mani is among my favourite posts because I don’t do nail art, but something as messy as splatter appeals to me, I liked the finished look and I didn’t make as big a mess as I thought I’d make. The polishes I used are Don Juan 101 for base and Golden Rose 262 and Golden Rose 287 for splatter. I used regular drinking straw to make the pattern all over my nails (and hands). Applying hand cream made cleanup easier.

What is your favourite nail polish? It’s a tie between Color Club Revvvolution and Rimmel Lycra Pro Fierce Cherry.

What is your favourite nail art technique and why? I don’t know if gradient counts, but gradient. I dread nail art because I’m not talented for it and I don’t have much patience. Gradient is simple and fast and it’s hard to mess up so it is perfect for me.

Does anyone else in your life share your passion for nails? One of my best friends caught the bug from me and she is turning into a real aficionado, and my best guy friend (straight, I have to add) actually asked me to do nail art on his nails on several occasions and he wore it proudly every time.

What are some of your favourite nail blogs? I prefer Serbian blogs because we mostly write about locally available polishes. Some of my favourite Serbian blogs are:
And some of my generally favourite nail blogs are:
Do you take part in any nail art challenges or competitions etc? I haven’t taken part in any challenges yet, mostly because I don’t have time, but there were some I’d like to have taken part in. I have successfully taken part in two local nail art contests.

What are your favourite brands of nail polish to use? One Coat line of polishes by local brand Don Juan, Flormar polishes, China Glaze and OPI.

In your nail polish collection what shades do you have the most of? Red, with purple as a close second.

How many bottles of nail polish do you own? At the moment 206.

Anything else you would like to add… I’m looking forward to discovering any new nail polish related blog, nail polish brand, tip, technique... I’ll try everything, although I maybe won’t write about it.

That's all for this post guys!
But keep an eye out for another post in a few days time!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday 18 June 2013

I'm Back!

Hey everyone!

Guess who's back to blogging! That's right, me!!!

I have a lot of really exciting stuff coming up for you guys to read soon so keep an eye out for a lot of new posts from me.
So, I know it's been a long time since I posted and I just wanted to fill you guys in on why I took a break from blogging. I've just finished my second year at University and let me tell you it has been crazy! I found I was struggling to keep up with my uni work and this blog so blogging had to take a back seat but now I'm back!

This first post is about something that I've wanted to set up for a while actually and I think that now would be a good time, to help me ease back into blogging. So this new adventure is for anyone who has a nail blog of their own! Basically it's a questionnaire all about you, your blog, what nail trends you like etc... It's so that all of my readers can learn about new nail blogs, new nail techniques and just generally get to know some new people from the nail blogging community. If this is something that you'd be interested in participating in then please send me an email at: and I'll send you the form our straight away. 

I'm also looking into setting up a new nail challenge soon as well so if that's something that anyone would be interested in helping me run then please send me an email at the above address :)

To conclude, I've really missed blogging and I'm really glad to be getting back into it. So keep your eyes peeled for lots of new and exciting things coming up over the next few weeks such as reviews, giveaways and much more!

Thanks for reading,

Monday 28 January 2013

An apology

Hey everyone!
Sorry I've not posted for a long while! My uni work is currently crazy and I really need to concentrate on that. I'm going to start trying to get more posts up by scheduling them in advance but I'm really sorry if I don't post as often. My uni work is really important to me and will obviously always come before this blog but I have really missed posting. Hopefully that will change soon! :)

Other than that I want to apologize because I've had some major problems with my giveaway. I haven't drawn a winner yet as I'm having some difficulties with the prizes. The rules on shipping nail polish have changed recently and A-England have decided that for now they will only be shipping within the UK. I feel that this isn't fair on all of my followers if I only offer it my UK followers so I'm looking into a different prize and will post here when I have decided so please keep an eye out for that. If you ahev an idea that you think would work for a prize then please leave a comment below, I love reading all of your feedback :)

Thanks for reading!


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