Monday 28 January 2013

An apology

Hey everyone!
Sorry I've not posted for a long while! My uni work is currently crazy and I really need to concentrate on that. I'm going to start trying to get more posts up by scheduling them in advance but I'm really sorry if I don't post as often. My uni work is really important to me and will obviously always come before this blog but I have really missed posting. Hopefully that will change soon! :)

Other than that I want to apologize because I've had some major problems with my giveaway. I haven't drawn a winner yet as I'm having some difficulties with the prizes. The rules on shipping nail polish have changed recently and A-England have decided that for now they will only be shipping within the UK. I feel that this isn't fair on all of my followers if I only offer it my UK followers so I'm looking into a different prize and will post here when I have decided so please keep an eye out for that. If you ahev an idea that you think would work for a prize then please leave a comment below, I love reading all of your feedback :)

Thanks for reading!


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