Thursday 12 January 2012

Swatching Day

Sorry for the lack of posting, I've had a lot of uni work to get through this week, but now I'm back! :) My new nail wheels arrived today so I had a bit of a swatch-a-thon :P I thought I'd show you all how I've spent my day...
Here's my first nail wheel. This once contains all my blue polishes, although some of them look green in the lighting :p Blue is one of the most prominent colours in my collection of nail polish.
I don't own many yellow, orange or red polishes as I am very pale and don't think they suit me so I grouped them all together on one wheel.
Green is another one of my favorite polish colours, I really love how greens look on my nails. There is yet a green that I've not liked :)
Most of my polish collection is pink :P I love everything pink so I have this obsession with having all polishes I find that are pink.
I don't have many purples even though it is one of my favorite colours. I think I need to make a conscious decision to buy more purple polish :P
This is my second pink wheel as I forgot about my color club sets :P
My small selection of whites,blacks, silvers and greys :P
These are the glitters/topcoats that I felt didn't fit with any of the other colour schemes :P
Here's a picture to show you all my nail wheels together :) My collection is rather small compared to some other nail bloggers. However, I went from owning around 10 polishes in May last year to over 100 :P And obviously it's still growing. My Nicki Minaj collection is being delivered tomorrow and I've ordered ten new OPI's from Lena White. I'm so excited for when these arrive :)

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my small collection :) Remember to come back tomorrow for Five Friday Favorites :)
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. Great idea! I might have to do that with my polish.

    Also, I passed you the Kreativ Blogger Award.

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  2. I need to get some nails wheels and get my stash organized! I am like you, I went from about 20 polishes to way more than that! Lol, I am too afraid to count them!

  3. HI there. Had to follow because your blog is awesome :) Btw , I loved your french tip look :).

    hope you can check out my blog :)



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