Saturday 14 January 2012

My First Breakage :(

Hello everyone :)
This is a bit of a side tracking post today. i received my OPI Nicki Minaj collection polishes yesterday and was so excited that they were finally here :) I pre ordered them from a local nail supply store that's close to my house, so I was so excited when they arrived. As soon as I got them inside I could smell polish and I almost cried :P I tore open the package very carefully so I could see what had happened and take photos to send to the store. Here's what I saw...

This is the first thing I saw when I got the bubble wrap off, I was gutted as Save Me was the polish I was most looking forward to trying out. So at this point I ran to get an empty polish bottle thinking that maybe I could decant what was left into another bottle...

So I opened the box to see what the real damage was and I almost cried :P This is one of the most distressing things I have seen. Not only did save me break, it leaked everywhere, all over the other bottles of polishes and it ruined most of the name stickers too :(

It took me forever to get the polish off the other bottles and in the process I managed to ruin my mani too :( The polish was everywhere, it even got into the little gap between the bottle and the lids. So I cleaned all the polish away as best as I could. Fly wasn't in this picture as it didn't get much polish on so I didn't want to put it with the others and possibly get more polish on it :P

And here's a bottle shot to show you the damage, the neck of the bottle snapped off cleanly with the lid and every single drop of polish was gone :( Even the ball bearings had gone. I emailed the pictures to the store where I bought them from and she apologized and has sent me a new bottle, yay for great customer service! :) So I should have a new bottle of Save Me arrive today!!

I was planning on doing a swatch post (which will be my first!!) when these arrived yesterday. So as soon as my new bottle of Save Me arrives I'll get on to doing my swatches and post them up here :)
Have any of you got the Nicki Minaj collection polishes? If so which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments :)

Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. Oh no! Such pretty nail polish gone to waste...good thing you will get a new bottle :)

  2. Save me looks so great! Im glad that they are sending you a replacement bottle but it sucks that you had to do all that clean up >_<

  3. That's so sad! Hope they get you another bottle!



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