Thursday 19 January 2012

My Stash & January Haul

Hello everyone :)
Sorry for posting so late in the week, classes at Uni have really killed me this week :p Anyway, a lot of you who entered my giveaway said you'd like to see my stash and more haul posts so I thought I'd combine the two this week.
So my stash is still rather small at the minute I have roughly 150 polishes, I need to count soon :p I just keep them in my bed side table at the minute for storage purposes. So here's a look at my stash...
In my top drawer I keep my OPI's, as I have more of them than any other brand of polish. I also keep my China Glaze, Models Own, Nails Inc, Revlons, NOPI's, some Barry M, Essies and base/top coats in this drawer. 

In the second draw are my nail polish collections such as Color Club and China Glaze. Also my less used polishes such as collection 2000, Hot Looks, Wet N Wild, W7 and some Barry M Crackles. Also my finger paints flakies are in here as they don't fit in the first drawer :P

Also in the second drawer I keep this box. It contains brushes, files, cuticle remover/oil, nail glue, stamping plates and tools, nail art pens, gems etc... This just keeps all the smaller things together so I know exactly where they are when I need them.
Here's my haul this month so far. Looking at it it seems a lot of polish to me, I think my addiction is getting worse :P So here we have, OPI nail envy and rapidry duo, Finger Paints Special Effects Collection, OPI Nicki Minaj Collection, 10 new OPI's from lena White sale, Random China Glaze from Ebay, Technic holographic polish, Berry Love polish from H&M, 2 Essie Polishes (1 from Ebay, 1 from my boyfriend) and a China Glaze collection. I'm quite impressed with this haul to be honest :P I got alot of polishes I've been dying to get my hands on, I cant wait to try them all out, maybe I'll do some more swatches, as many of you wanted to see more on my blog, let me know in the comments :)

Also, I got another new camera :P This ones a DSLR so let me know what you think tot the quality of my pictures etc in the comments as I want to know what others think of the quality, colour etc..

Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx

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