Saturday 28 January 2012

I Love Your Blog Award

Hello everyone,
The lovely Kirsten over at Geeky Owl has given my the I Love Your Blog Award. Thanks so much Kirsten, it means a lot to me that people think I deserve such wonderful awards :)

Anyway I have some questions to answer...

1. What is your favorite fashion magazine?
When I read fashion magazines it's always vogue :P

2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
I honestly couldn't pick just one out of the hundreds of awesome bands and singers I like :)

3. Who is your favorite YouTube guru?
I don't really watch beauty/make up/nails tutorials on YouTube, I prefer simple step by step tutorials on blogs :P

4. What is your favorite make up product?
Does nail polish count? :P

5. Where would you like to live?
Ideally, New York or anywhere in America :P

6. What is your favorite film?
I'd have to say Dirty Dancing :)

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Way more than enough :P I don't know the exact number.

8. What is your favorite colour?
This is such a hard question! I suppose it would have to be pink, in any shade.

There are no rules on how many people you have to tag in this post so I'm just going to pick 5 :)

Make sure to check out these girls blogs, they're all wonderful ladies with such talent :)
Keep an eye out for my 100 follower giveaway, I'll be posting it soon ;)
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte xxx



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