Sunday 8 January 2012

52 Week Challenge - Week 2

Hello everyone :)
So it's Sunday again, which means only one thing... a new mani for the 52 week challenge ! :) I'm so excited to check out what everyone else has done with their nails, that's one of the best things about doing a challenge like this, you get to see how others interpret the themes. Anyway it's week 2 which is listed as a french tip mani, now I'm not a big fan of french tip mani's as they're very delicate and have to be perfect or they don't look too great. They look beautiful on some people but I don't really like them on myself. So originally I was going to do a funky tape french mani, but then I changed my mind :P I got a couple of ideas in my head that got a bit ambitious :P Then I decided I'd keep it to a simple french with classic colours but jazz it up a little bit, so here's what I came up with...
I really loved how this turned out. I used two coats of Rimmel French Rose which is a very sheer pale pink polish. I then layered one coat of OPI Princesses Rule over the top to give a beautiful shimmery effect, which I really love :) I freehanded the white tips with OPI Alpine Snow and then used OPI Glow Up Already along the edge to hide any imperfections. I then used my Models Own black nail art pen to draw a lace pattern onto my ring finger and thumb nails to make them more interesting to look at and added a heart from NOPI Step To The Beat Of My <3 onto the corner of the accent nails.
Here's a close up of my thumb so you can see the lace design better. I really love how all the polishes together and the designs came together to make it look just enough, so it's not too over the top and didn't load down the nail with too many designs/colours.
I really love this challenge already. It's making me try different things that I never would have tried if I wasn't taking part in this challenge. As I said at the start of this post I really don't like french mani's and this has changed my mind. I love how this look turned out, it's simple and cute but the accent nails make it pop just enough to make it interesting without being too much. I'm so excited to see what the others have come up with.

Here's a list of the other girls taking part:

Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. Charlotte, they look very delicate and wonderful. I also am not a fan of the original, so I have already decided to make mine with funky colours :D - I hope to be able to do them later (ha, tonight after the twins have been tugged in).

  2. Awww thank you :) ooh, I look forward to see them, I'm sure they'll look beautiful :)

  3. Love it. I like your take on it - very chic!

  4. Very nice mani! Thanks for the follow, I will follow you back ;)

  5. great post! the nails are gorgeous!!

    you have a really nice blog :)

  6. I love the heart on the accent nail. Very cute!



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