Saturday 24 March 2012

Zoya Penelope & Connect The Dots

Hello everyone :)
This week has been super hectic! I've had 3 university essay deadlines within days of each other so sorry for the lack of posting. Today I have a quick post for you on the nails I've worn for the past few days, and the first tie ever that I've used Connect The Dots! :D I bought Connect the Dots from a lovely woman on PAA in an auction type thing and I won! So here's what it looks like...
I used two coats of Zoya Penelope as the base colour for these nails. I also recently bought this polish from a lady in PAA too so wanted to try it out :P I really like the colour but am unsure as to whether it suits my red/pinkish skin tone.
I then used one layer of Connect The Dots over the top. This layer got quite thick and gloopy as I had to keep re dipping the brush and applying the glitter to bald spots on my nails. Overall though it turned out quite nice, I can't wait to layer it over different colours and finishes :)
A lot of people commented on how unique it was as many people aren't aware of the madness that is Lynderella, unless they have an extreme obsession with nail polish :P Many of my friends now want a bottle :P

Do you own Connect The Dots? What's your favourite way to wear or layer it? Let me know in the comments :)
Also, keep an eye out for another nail post from me later on today :)
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. I totally think CtD is worthy of the hype. Congrats on scoring a bottle!

  2. I want a Lynnderella polish so badly!

  3. Very pretty! I do own Connect the Dots, but I own an earlier version that looks a bit different. I love wearing it over neons!! I am going to try wearing it over pastels next =)



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