Friday 2 March 2012

Sparkly Purple Nails

Hello everyone :)
Today I have a quick mani post for you :) I asked my boyfriend to pick out a colour for me to paint my nails, he picked purple. I don't really have many purple polishes (around 18) but I recently got China Glaze Octa Gone Wild in a swap so thought I'd use that and do an accent nail. Here's what I did...
I did two coats of China Glaze Octa Gone Wild. I also used three coats of OPI Rumples Wiggin' on my accent nail with one thick coat of Kleancolor Aurora, which is another one of my untrieds.
Here's a shot that's partially in the light but not enough to show the beautiful holo effect of Octa Gone Wild. I love how cute and simple this mani looks without any sunlight and then...
Bammm!! Beautiful super sparkly holo nails in the light, I honestly can't stop staring at
 my nails whenever I wear a holographic polish. it surprises me every time :P When I showed my boyfriend what I'd done with his colour of purple he was amazed :P he really loved looking at the holo polish in the sun :P

What do you think to these nails? And holo polish in general? Any favourite holographic polishes of yours, leave in the comments, I need to grow my collection some more :P
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte xxx


  1. Never tried/heard of a holographic polish so definitely trying one out! looks lovely xo

  2. I recently bought my first linear holo from an indie gal in my state; it's called Sapphire Blue, and the company is Polished Components on Etsy. I did a post on it a week or so ago; feel free to check it out! Linear holos are great, such a cool effect! After this one, I must admit I'm a little bit on the hunt for more.... ;)



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