Thursday 29 March 2012

Floam! & New Models Own Polishes

Hello everyone :)
Today I have a nail post for you all and some swatches of the new models own hed kandi glitter polishes!
I've been looking for the new glitters for about a week since I heard that people had started seeing them pop up in their local boots. Where I go to University, there is a large boots store so I was hopeful I'd find them sooner rather than later. I ventured in today feeling quite happy, the sun was shining and as soon as I walked in these beauties greeted me...
L-R Models Own Disco Heaven, Models Own Indian Ocean & Models Own Ibiza Mix.

I couldn't get my hands on these bottles quick enough! Obviously this put my in an even better mood and off I went to Uni, where I painted the glitters on my already painted nails. So here's some swatches of Disco Heaven and Ibiza Mix over Floam :P I will swatch them again tomorrow on their own and also over black :) if you;d like to see any more layered colour combo's then let me know in the comments and I'll include them in tomorrows post :)
This is two coats of OPI What's With The Cattitude with a layer of Sinful Colors Cinderella on top and then two coats of Nail-Venturous Floam. The blue polishes created a lovely base for Floam to layer on. All the blues melted together and It looked lovely, many people commented on these nails before I put the models own glitter on top. They all suggested it looked like Floam and were happy to know that was the polishes name :P On my ring finger is two coats of Models Own Ibiza Mix, this polish reminds me of a lighter version of OPI Rainbow Connection. It contains small and medium sized multi coloured glitter in a clear base. 

Then there's Models Own Disco Heaven...

This swatch isn't great so I apologise but I'll swatch it again tomorrow for everyone :) Models Own Disco Heaven is a gold glitter that also contains some blue and green glitter scattered within it. It's a really beautiful polish that will look lovely in the coming summer months :)

Also, if you're looking for these polishes in boots at the moment, all cosmetics are 3 for 2 so these 3 polishes cost me only £10. As if you needed any more reason to grab them :P
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx

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