Tuesday 3 July 2012

Polish Days Jelly Sandwich

Hello everyone!
Another post from me today, I'm on a roll ;) After Floam day was so successful another Polish day was set up and this one was to showcase a jelly sandwich! Now we all know how much I love jelly sandwich nails, so I got in on this so quick! I've been thinking for ages about what i wanted to do, I wanted to do something different with new colours and it hit me today. Here's what I did...
I decided that instead of doing a pretty pink jelly sandwich like I'd usually do, I'd do a bright green one! Just to be a bit different, plus I've not done a jelly sandwich like this before.
 For these nails I used two coats of Color club Twiggie as a base on all my nails, I then used one thick coat of Lynnderella Connect the dots and topped it all off with two coats of OPI Zom-Body To Love. I bought Zom-Body to love just because it glows in the dark, it arrived and I couldn't believed how sheer it was and I hardly ever use it. However for this jelly sandwich it was perfect!
This turned out awesome! It's super bright and in your face and the glitter just adds to the awesomeness! I tried to get a picture of it glowing in the dark but my camera wasn't having any of it! :P I'll update this post tomorrow with a full list of all the other bloggers that are participating in Polish days so you can check out what they've done too! :)

Thanks for reading :)
Other ladies taking part:



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