Monday 30 July 2012

KKCenterHK Water Decal Review

Hello everyone :)
Today I have another review for KKCenterHK nail art water decals. This time when I was contacted by the company I choose some super cute water decals with cats on! Here's the link to them:

I decided to use them with a complimentary colour that matched the decals...
 For these nails I used one coat of OPI Pink Flamenco as the base colour. This pink is super bright and such a beautiful colour for summer, and with it only taking one coat what's not to love about it? :P I then used one coat of OPI I Lily Love You over the top. This glitter/flakie polish was what started my polish obsession, it was my first OPI polish and I instantly fell in love :)
The water decals are so simple and easy to apply to the nail. The decals come in one sheet, the sheet contains twenty decals and they are priced at $2.82, which obviously is a great price. I cut out the decal I wanted to use from the sheet and removed the plastic from the top, I then run some water over the decal for a few seconds. This allows the decal to slide away from the backing and then I place it onto my nail in the required position and seal with topcoat. the whole process takes about thirty seconds. These decals are great to spice up a regular mani or just to use if you want something quick and easy.

KKCenterHK offer a wide variety of nail art products as well as fake eyelashes and other stuff, check out their website, it's amazing! Also, don't forget about the 10% off discount code if you order, just enter: charlottes-nails at the checkout :)

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