Sunday 15 April 2012

April Showers Challenge - Ombre

Hello everyone :)
Today I have another April Showers Challenge post for you. This challenge was Ombre! I've only ever done ombre before and I did it with green polishes. My last ombre was a different shade of green polish on each finger, so this time I decided I'd do a gradient ombre on each finger to make it a bit different from my last attempt.
I was originally going to a different coloured ombre on each finger but I thought that would be too distracting and you wouldn't know where to look. So I just went with pink as it's one of my favourite colours and very pretty for spring :)
I started by painting two coats of OPI Alpine Snow onto all my nails as a base colour to sponge over. I then sponged one thin coat of OPI Pink Friday to the bottom half of my nails. I then topped this with one thin coat of OPI Pink Flamenco to the top half of my nail. I sponged in the middle while the polish was still wet to make the colours blend together a bit better. I then topped it all off with a coat of Wet N Wild Hallucinate to add some sparkle to it :)
These nails are very versatile, just like all the nails I've done recently. You can change the colour scheme so that they're suitable for all occasions, I really want to try this with nudes and glitter, I think they'd be beautiful :)

Have you tried an ombre/gradient mani recently? What techniques and colours do you use? let me know in the comments :)
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx



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