Wednesday 18 April 2012

April Showers Challenge - Glitter Tips

Hello everyone :)
Another April Showers Challenge post today :) As soon as I saw glitter tips on the challenge list I knew exactly what I was going to do. Before I set my blog up I did some beautiful glitter tips, which were the first kind of nail art I really attempted that turned out how I wanted them to :P But I didn't even think to take photo's of them at that point.. so I thought I'd recreate them for this challenge! :)
I did gradient glitter tips rather than a solid block of glitter as I think it's prettier to look at and The sparkle looks like it's raining down my nails :P
So for these nails I used 3 coats of OPI Isn't That Precious? as the base colour and then added 1 coat of  OPI Princesses Rule to add some pretty shimmer :) I then used 2 coats of Models Own Juicy Jules on the tips and dragging it down to the middle of my nail. I then added 1 coat of Models Own Pink Fizz in the same way, then 1 coat of OPI Mad As A Hatter to add some more colour. I then added a final coat of Models Own Juicy Jules just to top it all off. Super Sparkly!
Surprisingly these nails weren't really thick and gloopy like I thought they'd be after using so much glitter. I did use a thick coat of top coat though to stop them being so gritty and horrible :P
I used so much glitter on these nails and i loved it! Glitter makes me happy especially when it's colourful and holographic :p I really want to try this out on different coloured bases with matching glitters, I think bright green or orange would be a fun look for summer, I can't wait to try all these ideas out :)

Do you like doing glitter tips? What are your favourite glitter polishes? Let me know in the comments :)
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. I love the glitter tips!! Simply gorgeous :)

  2. These are gorgeous! Super sparkly!

  3. so hollywood glam it's matching a dress I saw on a red carpet last week! gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful glitter gradient! I want this on my nails!

  5. Thanks for all your wonderful comments :) I'm so lucky to have lovely ladies like yourselves following me and my nails :P

  6. Such a pretty and well done gradient!



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