Thursday 18 October 2012

Born Pretty Store Product Review

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not posting much recently, uni has been absolutly crazy but I've caught up on posts this week so you'll be seeing a lot more from me!
Recently, I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to review some products for them, I chose a beautiful nail polish available from this link:
 So without further ado, onto the pictures!
 This is three coats of Sweet Color #232, the colour in the above picture is pretty colour accurate. The interesting thing about this polish is that it's a jelly, I think you can kind of see this on a few of my nails as there is a faint nail line. However, three coats covers very well and you cannot see any visible nail line in real life.
The polish I received from Born Pretty Store was very saturated in colour. The consistency was really good to work with, not too think or too thin or runny. I applied three coats with a drying time of around 5 minutes between each coat. These photos show the colour with no topcoat so you can see just how shiny the polish is on it's own. I'm really very pleased with this polish and would definitely try others from the same brand. This polish also didn;t stain my nails or cuticles so I was very pleased with that as greens tend to stain a lot on me.

Overall, I would reccomend this product to anyone, they're aren;t any negative points with this polish apart from the fact that it doesn';t have a shade name, just a number :( But It is a beautiful collour and really nice to apply. If you would like to buy anything from the Born Pretty Store then you can receieve a 10% discount on your order quoting the code: CLL91 at the checkout.
Thanks for reading :)



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