Monday 21 May 2012

April Showers Challenge - Spring Design of Your Choice

Hello everyone :)
Sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend, I've been ill again :( I'm okay now though so back to the nails! :P
This is the last post for the April Showers challenge :( But I have a few challenges coming up that I'm taking part in so keep an eye out for those soon!
Anyway, this last post for April Showers was labelled as the spring design of your choice. I've been thinking about this one for a while and decided I wanted to combine two things, here's what I came up with...
I knew I wanted to try gradient nails again but I also wanted to do sheep as they remind me of spring and they weren't included in this challenge. So that's how I came up with this idea :)
For these nails I used two coats of OPI What's With The Cattitude? for the base. I then sponged on Color Club Twiggie for the grass and OPI Ogre The Top Blue for the sky. I then used a dotting tool and OPI Alpine Snow to create the sheep's body, Revlon Lunar for the legs and eyes, OPI Pink Friday for the nose and Essence Twins Romeo for the ears. Wow! That's a lot of polish :P
I'm so pleased with how these turned out! You can actually tell what they are and I really like the effect the gradient gives to the background of the sheep :P I'm really going to miss this challenge I had great fun coming up with different designs, but hopefully the next challenges I have lined up will be just as fun and creative :)

What colours do you think look nice in gradients? let me know in the comments :)
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. Ahh these are so cute! :)x

  2. widdle sheeps!!!! They're too cute x

  3. Soooooo cute! I love them lil' sheep!

  4. Aww they're so cute! Love them x

  5. love it! and glad you feel better too

  6. Little sheep!! So cuuuuute!! Glad you're feeling better. :) I couldn't tell you what colors look nice ingradients, because I don't think I've seen a bad one! I do think some variegated sunrise / sunset types would be stunning.

    1. Thank you :) I agree, I'd love to do an orange to pink gradient as my next one :)

  7. ooh i die for those little adorb!



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