Saturday 4 February 2012

My Paa Secret Valentine Has Arrived!

Hello everyone :)
Over at the Polish-aholics Anonymous group on facebook we arranged a Secret valentine. Much like the secret Santa we did at Christmas but for Valentines day. We had a limit of $15 which is just under £10. :P People have been putting pictures up in the group of their wonderful packages and I was desperately waiting every day to see if it was the day for mine turn up. Yesterday the postman turned up in a van with about 8 parcels for me all tied together with a rubber band, the biggest at the bottom had a customs form on and soon as I saw it I knew it was my secret valentine. I had to restrain myself to not rip it open straight away as I had to fetch my camera :P So here it is...
So here's my package, It was super heavy I was so excited. I just wanted to rip it open so fast! :P So after taking the obligatory package shot I went to work ripping the thing open :P
The package was literally like a magical bag, I just kept pulling things out of it, I was genuinely amazed at how much you can get in America for $15. In the UK we're lucky to be able to send more than 4 polishes for the price limit, and if you get something like this you feel bad because our polish is super expensive :( As soon as I took this photo my son ran off with his bath scrub and the sweets, he was so excited as Cars is his favorite film, I was so pleased that my Valentine included something for him :)
Everything was wrapped so well so I had no breakages or anything which is also great :) After unwrapping everything I went in the purse and found a super cute bracelet and a note from my valentine: Giovanna Rivas Hernandez. When we applied for Secret valentine we had to fill in a clue form to help our valentine pick polish that we would like.. My valentine got everything spot on. Most of these are brands I've never tried or don't have access too so I was so pleased and I know I will wear all of the colours she picked for me. 
Here's a close up of just the polishes. From left to right I got: Julep Diane, Funky Fingers Diva, Wet N Wild Lady Luck, Kleancolor Starry Purple, Kleancolor Aurora, Sally Hansen Going Green, Sally Hansen  Pink Boa, Sally Hansen Caribbean Coral, Nicole By OPI Yellow, It's Me, Sinful Colors Hottie and Wet N Wild Hallucinate. I was so excited about all of these polishes, I put Yellow, It's Me on straight away! :P 
I hope you've enjoyed reading about my wonderful present :) I'll be doing more posts of nail mail this week as I've got a few packages coming from several girls in PAA.
Thanks for reading,
Charlotte xxx


  1. Wow, what a fantastic package!!

  2. YAY!! I'm excited you got a Julep. All these hauls look so fun, I think I might participate in the net one.

  3. Such an awesome package! So many polishes! I have the Sally Hansen Going Green! :)



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