Sunday 6 November 2011

Halloween Nails

Hello :)
So this is my first post and It's probably going to take ma while to write but hopefully I'll get there in the end :P

I thought I'd start out with something I did a little while back just to start off getting into posting and stuff, so here's my first Halloween look..
I used Sinful Colors Courtney Orange for the base and layered Sinful Colors UFO over the top as they really compliment each other. Then I followed the tape mani tutorial from to create the pattern on the tips of my nails with OPI My Private Jet.
I also used OPI My Private Jet for the accent nail just to break the pattern up a bit, this mani was so bright and sparkly I loved it! :)
My pictures really don't do any of these colours justice they are beautiful. I plan on doing more tape mani's in the future as I need to work on getting the tape to stick down smoother to create straighter lines :P A couple of mine I had to freehand.

Moving on to the mani I actually wore for Halloween..
Frankenstein nails !! This is probably the most adventurous nail art I've attempted to date and I think it turned out quite well :) I used 5 coats of OPI Zom-body to love as it's very sheer but the colour build up is such a cute colour and it dries relatively quick. I used my models own nail art pen in black to draw the outline of the hair on then filled it in with Barry M Black I also used the nail art pen for the stitches. I used a dotting tool for the black and white of the eyes which were both Barry M polishes. I only have one picture of this as I'm new to photographing my nails and found it hard to get the lighting right, I'll be experimenting with this in my next few posts. Hopefully I'll get better :P

Thank you for reading my very first post and of course if you want to see more then follow my blog :) I can't wait till I can host my first giveaway and other things like that :)

Charlotte :) <3


  1. Nice! Its always fun to support a fellow blogger. :) Im a relative newbie myself.

    And the frankenstein nails are adorable!

  2. Those frankenstein nails are adorable!



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