Thursday 17 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Nails

I'm off to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow night so thought I'd do my nails tonight :) I've fallen in love with these nails, it was my first attempt at proper nail art so I know they're not amazing but still it's an achievement :P . I currently hate my camera as it doesn't pay attention to what I'm telling it to do so I think I need a new camera :D hopefully then my i'll be able to use more pictures in my posts :) So excuse the lack of pictures and the poor quality :( Anyway on to the nails...
So my index finger - I used Color Club Antiquated from the foiled collection, a beautiful pale gold colour that covers in two thin coats. I stamped a lace pattern over the top to signify Bella's wedding dress :) I used Barry M white to stamp the design, I'm sorry you cant see it very well :(

My middle finger - I used Barry M black as base and used Color Club Antiquated for the key (The key to the cottage they are given.)

My ring finger- Again I used Barry M black as base and layered two coats of Models Own Juicy Jules over the top. Juicy Jules is a glitter polish that contains scattered holo pieces, it's gorgeous :)

My little finger- Barry M black used as the base and Collection 2000 Hot Looks Big Hair to paint on a small heart, again sorry that you can't see it too well :(
I'm sorry this is so blurry :( I'm so angry at my camera right now but I couldn't not upload photo's of this mani.

So my thumb - Barry M black used as a base with Barry M white and Collection 2000 Hot Looks Big Hair as the colours for the chess pieces. I copied the chess pieces from the front cover of Breaking Dawn, this was definitely the hardest nail to do but I'm pleased with how it turned out :)

Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my nail art :)
Charlotte xo

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