Monday 26 November 2012

Winter and Christmas Nail Art!

Hello everyone!
Because I've been so busy at uni recently I've deiced I'm going to start practicing some nail art on nail wheels to show you all. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to post more regularly until all my deadlines are out of the way. I've recently become really uninspired and not really wanted to do much nail art but over the weekend I thought of some really cute ideas, so here they are....

So these are my Christmas/Winter inspired nails. From left to right - Snowflakes! A ginger bread man. A Christmas wreath with berries. A festive Christmas tree an of course a beautifully wrapped present complete with tag! I have many more ideas to finish this wheel off and will keep posting my ideas as and when I complete each set :) 
Anyway, let's take a closer look at this nail art!
Snowflake Nails:
So first up we have the snowflake nail art! I used two coats of OPI What's With The Cattitude? for the base colour. This blue is absolutely perfect for this kind of nail art, it's a beautiful wintery blue. I then added one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top but you can't see it on the picture! :( I then used a small nail art brush and Barry M White to draw the snowflake in the top corner of the nail. I then added different sized dots of Barielle Platinum ring with dotting tools.
Ginger Bread Man Nails:
For the ginger bread man I used three coats of China Glaze I Herd That for the base, as the colours in the glitter really reminded me of gingerbread and just Christmas in general! I then used Sally Hansen Iced coffee to create the gingerbread mans body with a small nail art brush. Then using a small dotting tool, I added Barry M White and Essie Tour De Finance to create the eyes, smile and buttons.
Sorry about the blurry picture! My camera really doesn't want to co-operate with the crappy weather we're having in England at the minute! :( 
Wreath Nails: 
For the wreath nails I used two coats of H&M Berry Love as the base as red always reminds me of Christmas time as well. I then used OPI Don't Mess With OPI and Sally Hansen Going Green to create the leaves of the wreath with a small nail art brush. I then added a small circle to the middle with China Glaze Mahogany Magic and the berries with a small dotting tool using Barry M raspberry.
Christmas Tree Nails:
The Christmas Tree nail art was created by using two coast of Barry M White for the base and one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust over the top to give the illusion of glittering snow in the background. I then used OPI Don't mess with OPI and a small nail art brush to create the shape of the tree. I then added two coats of Barry M Amythest Glitter on to the top of the tree as it reminded me of twinkling Christmas lights :)
Christmas Present Nails:
The Christmas present was probably the easiest of the lot to create.. I used two coats of OPI Pink Friday for the base and free handed the ribbon on with Barielle Platinum Ring and the normal polish brush. I then used a small nail art brush to create the tag with Barry M White.

I hope you enjoyed my latest nail art and I hope you all don't mind I'm using my nail wheels for the next two weeks or so until my assignments are over.
Please feel free to leave me comments below, I love hearing your opinions :)
Thanks for reading :)


  1. I love the snowflake!!! So cute!!

    1. Thank you! The snowflakes are my favourite too! :)

  2. Wow soo cute. I can feel the Christmas spirit!

    Anyway, I'm already your follower, could you also follow me back? My GFC widget got broken and I lost almost all of my followers.. :( maybe you can help me..

    Thanks! :)

  3. These are lovely! I especially love the snowflake ones :D



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