Thursday 25 October 2012

8 Spooky Nights Challenge - Candy

Hello everyone!
It's day three of the 8 Spooky Nights Challenge and the theme of todays post is candy! I really struggled with this theme as Halloween isn't very big in the UK so we don't get loads of cool sweets and stuff like the Americans do. However, I decided to base my nail art on what my family gives out to trick or treaters on Halloween...
My family always gives out these amazing sweets, I never remember the name of them but they're little sweets and when you bite into them they ooze out juice and they're just amazing! So that's what my nail art is based on :P I was originally going to do candy corn as it's pretty recognisable to everyone but I thought it wouldn't be very creative for me.
For these nails I used three coats of a franken I made that is still unnamed. I then added a oozing tip of colour using OPI Pink Friday, OPI Rumples Wiggin', OPI Fly & OPI Who The Shrek Are You? (L-R)
I apologise for the crappy pictures, my camera doesn't like me juts recently. I'm getting it sorted soon thouhg! :D I quite like these nails even though they're quite simple, I think they're good if you want some subtle nails with a small spalsh of colour to liven them up :)

Thanks for reading :)



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