Sunday 5 February 2012

52 Week Challenge Week 6

Hello everyone,
For this weeks 52 week challenge we had to do a half moon manicure. Now I've been looking at beautiful half moon nails since last summer so I knew what it was supposed to look like. After reading several blogs I knew that hole reinforcement stickers were generally used so off I went to find some around town. Nowhere had any. So I looked for plain circle/dot stickers that I could use. Nowhere had any. I was not happy at all, so I had to freehand my nails and I'm a perfectionist so naturally I hate them because the line isn't clean enough :P Anyway here's my take on half moon nails...
Now for my first attempt and having to freehand it, I don't think I did too bad. I really love the colours I used. I imagine this would look lovely in the summer especially when I have more colour to my skin :P
I really like the style of half moon nails and you can use so many different colour combinations, it's one of those things that will suit everyone. I used three coats of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky and two coats of NOPI Yellow, It's Me for the base then used two coats of Sally Hansen Going Green for the top colour. I think I will defiantly try this again when I can get my hands on some hole reinforcement stickers. I really love how this looks on the nails, it's such a simple mani that you can make more complex with different colours etc. I took it straight off after taking the photos though as the messy lines were killing me to look at :P
Thanks for reading :)
Charlotte xxx


  1. Great colors! Love half moon manis <3

  2. I understand about wanting perfect lines! I was lucky to find the stickers. I think yours look nice - and the colors are awesome!

  3. The colours are so bright and go so well together. You did really well free-handing them too! Oh, by the way, I've nominated you for the cute blog award. You can check out my post with the rules and stuff on my blog! :)x

  4. Green and yellow together always reminds me of the American football team from my state: the Packers. And of this song: Go Pack :)

    You did a great job free-handing the half-moons!



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